While most women feel nausea in the mornings, some women only feel yucky at night, and some experience an incessant, extreme sickness all the day long.  Be sure and call your midwife if you get so sick that you are unable to keep anything down for more than 24 hours.  Extra care is needed in this case.  For many, the nausea is triggered by smells and thoughts of food.  Others will simply have a deep ache in their stomach if they don’t eat frequently. Only about 10% of pregnant women do not experience nausea at all.  

Nausea of pregnancy is one of those mysteries to which several theories have been ascribed.  The most recognized theory is that the system is suddenly overcome with new and increased amounts of hormones which affect the liver, blood sugar and metabolism.  Other theories are that the intelligence of the body recognizes the important task at hand – the creation of your child – and starts cleaning house.  The blood and tissues are cleaned up, thereby preparing the system for nourishing the fetus after the development of the placenta which is complete after a couple of months. Finally, it seems that emotions of ambivalence, fear, resentment or insecurity about the pregnancy create an imbalanced state in the body.

Because the cause is not clear, and because the cause may vary from person to person or may be a combination of contributing factors, there is no universal magic pill.  We do know that lack of calories will certainly compound the problem because one symptom of low blood sugar is nausea!  Therefore, the number one thing that tends to be helpful is to constantly eat.  Keep food at your bedside and start before even getting out of bed.  Every hour eat something – anything - whatever you can possibly keep down.  Maybe five apple slices, or some yogurt; a few raw almonds, nutrition bar, vegetable sticks, oatmeal, etc.  The more nutritious the better. Protein, complex carbohydrates, and good fats (avocados, coconut oil) will help maintain blood sugar levels more effectively.  Eating frequently like this, as impossible as it might seem, can pull you out of a vicious, vomiting cycle….or better, prevent it!


·         Electrolyte drink made of coconut water, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and liquid trace minerals.

·         Crio-Bru – chocolate drink that sounds too good to be true – but can work!

·         Vitamin B-6 – 100 mg, 2 to 4 times a day (good to take along w/ B-complex)

·         Wild yam, red raspberry, false unicorn, lady’s mantle, squawvine, or vitex

·         Mineral goat whey (mix 1 heaping Tbsp. in warm water 1-3 times a day) if stomach seems over-acidic

·         Betaine HCL w/ food if stomach seems “sour”


·         Support liver function -- supplements such as dandelion, milk thistle, lecithin

·         Peppermint essential oil put in water to drink or rubbed over inner wrist area

·         Ginger root tea (fresh root grated into hot water w/ raw honey is best)

·         Sea Bands – worn on wrists to activate acupressure point for reducing nausea


   Richelle Jolley, CPM