Abigail Morrissey Riordan

Abigail Morrissey Riordan

Integrative Nurse Coach

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I am an Integrative Nurse Coach that brings Western and Eastern healing together. I help clients connect to their inner strength and wisdom.

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About Me

I love to dance and move my body! I believe that food is medicine and I take time to prepare nutritious meals. I am normally found in the kitchen or at the lake swimming. I enjoy spending time in my small garden, and the great outdoors.

What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

I became a nurse to care for, and help others heal. While working in Hospitals, I loved the vulnerability and deep connection I developed with my patients and their families. I often felt discouraged by the care provided in the Western Medical Model as I found the treatment was never addressing the root cause of the disease.

In 2016 I had an accident and had my own experience as a patient and of Western Medicine. I personally felt failed by the system and was in immense pain. I started to look for support. I found acupuncture which was the doorway to becoming an Integrative Nurse Coach. Ac...

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What I say to someone who has never tried Nurse Coaching ?

Integrative Nurse Coaching is a partnership between Coach and Client. You will be supported and guided to connect to your inner wisdom and light. You define what health and wellness means to you. You will identify areas of your life you motivated to work on and together we will bring awareness to your habits, tendencies, and patterns.

Coaching is not therapy but is a shared partnership between Coach and Client. Coaching works as a beautiful complement to other treatment modalities and can help strengthen your confidence in your innate ability to heal yourself and live a balanced life. Wor...

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