Addie Spahr Kim

Addie Spahr Kim

Hormone Health and Nutritional Support Coaching

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I'm a whole body health coach offering plant-based approaches to supporting good nutrition, immune system support, and balanced hormones.

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About Me

My friends call me the smoothie bowl queen. My boys call me queen bee (of our little hive of four + a fur baby). And while being a mom, a wife and CEO of the household are super important jobs for me, I wouldn't be great at those things if I didn't also get to live out my passion to support other women in establishing their optimal healthy lifestyle plan and finding balance in the other aspects of life that keep us thriving, and not just surviving. I'm all about helping other mamas elevate physically and mentally even when life gets really hard. Because it always does. And because of that...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

I struggled with my own health for years as a kid and into my early 20's. I hit one dead end after another in traditional medicine and began exploring "alternative" health support. The support I got and the lifestyle changes I was guided to make helped me go from toxic to transformed. I had a new view of what our bodies can and are meant to feel like. I was already working in the sustainability sector when a client introduced me to a health coaching program that was in alignment with my personal and business values. And as a new mom trying to help my baby boy heal from dietary allergies, ...

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What I say to someone who has never tried a detox program?

Toxic overload can inhibit us from feeling our best. Your body is like a high performance automobile that needs an occasional oil change. Detoxing is one way we can keep the body running smoothly and at top performance, and is one of the best way to jumpstart good health and get to the root of deeper level issues.

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