Andrea Meier

Andrea Meier

Personal coach, Energy Freedom Technique

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I am a multi-specialty coach who uses science and intuition to help my clients heal old wounds and then go on to rewarding lives.

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About Me

I am fascinated by winding life paths. The world is changing so fast, we are all having to craft multiple careers. I have certainly experienced this myself. In my life, I have been a commercial apple picker, bicycle saleswoman, international bike race organizer, organizational change management consultant, a substance abuse counselor and trainer, graduate student, health and mental health researcher. With all these jobs before retiring and becoming a positive and energy psychology coach, what's the common theme? Love of learning. A fascination with ways to help people find their unique pat...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

I have been a natural helper since childhood. A friend's father committed suicide when she was 12. I was asked to be present and support her through the crisis. In our lifelong friendship, this has meant bearing witness to and supporting her in a long physical, emotiona, and spiritual healing process. That formative experience inspired my curiosity about how family crises and tragedies affect people over the course of their lives. Not only in the pains they endure, but how they are motivated to use their gifts and strengths in taking on life challenges. This has called me into my various ...

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How my clients describe their first visit?

"I came to my first session feeling stuck and anxious, wondering whether Andrea really could help. She immediately made me feel at ease. She was welcoming, with a lively sense of humor. When we talked about the goals I wanted to achieve, she affirmed that they were possible for me, and identified strengths (some I didn't know I had) that would help me achieve those goals. She also introduced me to tapping (Energy Freedom Technique) so that I could calm anxieties that came up. We identified some short term goals and strategies for accomplishing them, to help me experience immediate progre...

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What I say to someone who has never tried Energy Psychology-Based Life Coaching?

Everyone has emotional wounds from the past that interfere with their ability to live up to their potential At the same time, everyone has strengths that they can use to get motivated and achieve their life purpose. My approach to coaching combines two powerful approaches to help my clients flourish. Mind body techniques of Emotional Freedom Techniques (AKA "Tapping") and Energy Psychology practices in which you learn how to heal those old wounds at the cellular level. Positive Psychology helps you identify and apply your strengths so you can flourish! You gain the happiness, confidence and...

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