Andrea Mouser

Andrea Mouser

Massage Therapist

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I am a massage/manual therapist who facilitates removing fascial restrictions in your body to ~ Free the Flow ~

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About Me

I love what I do ~ facilitating you in your healing journey ~ through massage and manual therapy. Over the past 29 years, I've been honing my skill of touch, and how to Listen to your body's tissues, to get to the source of discomfort while alleviating your immediate discomfort. I do very much enjoy working with those who are coming in for relaxation, though my work also tends to draw those who have tried just about everything and are willing to try one more thing so they can be more comfortable in their vehicle of life, the body.

What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

I am my own lab! I came to bodywork through my own pain and discomfort in the 80's. My rolfer said I reminded her of Atlas, carrying the world on my shoulders. When I experienced being comfortable in my body, I knew I wanted to share this with others. I became a certified massage therapist in 1990, and it is one investment that has continues to grow over time. To say I love what I do is a bit of an understatement - it is such a part of me that I accept God placed this gift in me with the intent I assist others in their healing journey.

How my clients describe their first visit?

Magic Hands. That I have magic hands.

What I say to someone who has never tried Massage Therapy?

I offer many modalities that can address many underlying issues to your discomfort. I am skilled at working with those who just need to relax, or those who are tired of getting out of bed feeling discomfort throughout daily living. If you feel like you can no longer do things you love to do, I'd say, let's see what's possible!!

Location & Appointment Details


  • Initial Appointment: $85

  • Appointment: $85

  • Accepting new clients

  • Sees children & teenagers

Payment Methods

  • Cash

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  • HSA (Health Savings Account)

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  • FSA (Flexible Spending Account)