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Annie Poirier

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Guiding women to stop dieting and release weight worries, so they can find self acceptance, food freedom, body confidence and peace of mind.

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About Me

With over three decades of leading, teaching, speaking and coaching, she has come to know that strengthening the connections between mind, body and heart is the only true way to implement and achieve a balanced lifestyle and lasting change.

Seeking to help more and more women overcome their struggles and to promote a “diet-free” lifestyle, Anne created a comprehensive integrated system that helps women find joy in movement, peace with eating and food and appreciation and acceptance of their bodies, all while strengthening their kind, compassionate, life-enhancing inner voice (self-talk).


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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

My own life long struggles with weight, food and body image led me to a career in Exercise and Fitness, in order to "stay in shape". This was a destructive path for me as well as my clients. About 6 years ago, I had ENOUGH! There had to be a better way of looking at food, eating, weight and exercise. This led me on an extensive journey to find a better way. AND, I have. It is an integrated approach to wellness. One that includes rejecting the diet culture and the thin ideal, and replace it with self compassion, intuitive eating, movement as play, positive self talk and daily self care.

How my clients describe their first visit?

This says it in a nutshell
"I’m fortunate enough to have met Anne and have the utmost respect for her knowledge and insight. She used her own journey to put our confusion and pain into words. The look in her eyes let you know she is accepting and encouraging without judgement. It reminds me of a saying I hear often without knowing who said it, but it is and I paraphrase. You won’t remember their words, but you’ll remember how they made you feel. And for me; That’s Anne. JD

What I say to someone who has never tried

We live out our past stories, day after day. Just like in the movie Groundhog Day, not realizing that a life of purpose, joy and contentment is right there waiting for us, if we choose to step towards it. What is it that you want from your life? How do you want to experience your days? It is all possible, if we choose to look at our lives with a different perspective. What are you choosing today?

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