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H! I'm Antoinette, a full time, hands-on advanced Body Practitioner who offers integrated Massage & structural bodywork for over 30 years,

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About Me

"Strong, sensitive hands, intuitive touch...years of experience...
"Massage Therapy is my calling. I learned the techniques from the best but my hands are a gift from God. I am doing what I love. It's a joy to help. My goal is relieve your pain and lower your stress. I, Antoinette Gibbs is dedicated to my gift and to helping you live a more enjoyable life.

I help you take control of your health. I work with you to protect your future. Live life pain free. Stress free. My work is progressive.

Master Therapist, Bodyworker
Early on, I invested in the best training from the best ed...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

I studied dance since the age of 5. I love how the body moves and choreographed a piece that led me to hold several titles. Earned a scholarship to further my studies in college, where I was offered an opportunity to study in with a well known dance company. I lost that opportunity for I suffered low back since the age of 12. I left the dance scene, earned a brown belt in martial arts and a BSBA. I moved to Atlanta where my back pain continued to escalate. By chance, I tried massage therapy for the first time. It helped tremendously and 3 months I was enrolled to become a massage therapist.

How my clients describe their first visit?

My clients have different reactions to their first visit.
Clients who have received massage for years, can't believe how strong my hands are and appreciated that I give them the perfect, although a little uncomfortable pressure. And they don't want me to stop, My ability to treat their requested issue, but to determine and explain the cause.Experienced clients are very aware of the benefits of healing touch and lots of times, they have tried everything in an attempt for relief. They know how much better they will feel with 48 hrs.

New Clients who are not as familiar, usually leave wit...

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What I say to someone who has never tried

Massage Therapy for stress and pain relief. As soon as someone asks me what do I do? and I say "I am a Massage Therapist, they share with what hurts or how stressed they are. .I tailor my comments to how massage can specifically help them. Just from the conversation, they feel better that I can relate, explain what I think is going on and how massage can help. I give some self care they can do at home. Then they want my number!

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