Arthur Freeman LMBT

Arthur Freeman LMBT

Healing Arts Professional, Spiritual Mentor, Qi Gong Instructor

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A Healing Arts Professional with a wide array of modalities, adaptable to most conditions. My focus is on elimination of any kind of pain!

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About Me

An experienced massage therapist and Qi Gong practitioner, I've found meaning and purpose in the healing path. I have a passion for getting people out of pain, but moreso for reawakening an awe and wonder for the magic of life! I want to empower people to discover new levels of their Self, and to explore new horizons they wouldn't have even imagined before. It is my belief that Life can be a fulfilling adventure, and that with proper support we can face challenges and develop our unique capacities to participate in transforming the World.
Aside from my Healing Practice, I also offer guidanc...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

Being liberated from daily pain of over two years was enough to inspire me to become a wellness professional. After a severe motorcycle crash and surgeries, I was told to take pain medication and perform physical therapy. It wasn't until I was in massage school that an instructor casually mentioned "oh we'll take care of that wrist pain." Take care of it? He didn't understand! This was my pain, for over two years! Yet sure enough, after a few intensive massage sessions I have been out of pain ever since. I knew then that I wanted to share this profound yet simple wisdom that the body really...

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How my clients describe their first visit?

Most clients experience a refreshing and peaceful atmosphere, with a new perspective on what it means to relax. I often hear a response along the lines of "I didn't know release could be so easy, I've always thought deep massage had to hurt in order to be effective!"

What I say to someone who has never tried Qi Gong?

I tell new clients Qigong is like Chinese Yoga, only standing up, and very relaxing and gentle. The movements are easy and free, which helps promote circulation leading to improved stillness of mind and quality of health. Receiving Qi Gong Healing is like getting a complete cleaning of your energy channels, which leaves one with a relaxed body, peaceful mind, and vibrant health!

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