Arturo Mendoza

Arturo Mendoza

Human Potential Coach & Performance Specialist

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I am a Human Potential Coach who helps individuals achieve their goals and live their best life! Specialist in Performance & Wellness.

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About Me

My quest to deliver the best results and become a great Wellness professional began with these questions:

-How would the World look like if we all lived up to our true potential?
-What does Peak Performance mean for me?
-How will I achieve it?

And most importantly...
-How can I enable and inspire others to achieve their own potential and create a positive lasting impact in the World?

That inquiry led me to educate myself extensively, to train hard and to experience the challenges that we all need to overcome in order to reap the benefits of our Human Potential.

The result has be...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

-The huge amount of suffering in peoples lives from lack of truthful and actionable information

-The outdated or outright wrong information circulating the mainstream media

-The conviction that individual change really makes a difference for the collective benefit

-The knowledge that has helped me and many other people to design a life rich in health, fitness, meaning and contribution

-A strong drive to become a part of positive change in the World

How my clients describe their first visit?

-A treat!

-Filled with useful information delivered clearly and contextually practical.

- Fun - Easy to understand - Actionable -

What I say to someone who has never tried what it means to live at their true Potential ?

Imagine your dream self- Your best self -Your healthiest happiest self.
Imagine what would you feel like, how would you look like. Imagine what would you do with a life design for you, by you.

All of these possibilities and many more are achievable!
You can begin right where you are, regardless of any external circumstances.

Discover a science based approach to achieving your true potential. You are worth it.

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  • Sees children & teenagers

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