Ben Beeler CMT, ART, NKT, SFMA

Ben Beeler CMT, ART, NKT, SFMA

Sports and Medical Massage Therapist

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I'm a sports and medical massage therapist who helps everyone from athletes to desk workers recover from injury, pain, and dysfunction.

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Hi there, my name's Ben, and I help people out of pain and dysfunction - from the desk worker with upper back pain to the avid marathoner with "plantar fasciitis", and everything in between.

My practice is based in soft tissue manipulation. In other words, I use my hands to break up adhesions in and between muscles and nerves and around joints to restore function. My license to touch people is as a massage therapist, but I don't do traditional massage therapy. Instead, I use the best techniques I've learned from chiropractor...

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  • Appointment: $120

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