Brian Kurtz, M.S.

Brian Kurtz, M.S.

M.S., Ordained Minister, Healer, founder Healed By Spirit modality

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I’m Brian Kurtz, Healer and Receiver of the Healed By Spirit modality© and Soul Connection Workshop Series© Creator and Facilitator.

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About Me

I am a healer of all afflictions - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. My approach centers around the fact that we are quite literally beings comprised of energy occupying three-dimensional space. This energy and thus our existence in 3D is able to be altered. Spirit is sentient, loving and willing to work with us such that we are able to heal and be healed.

Health is our natural state, and any deviation from perfect health is generally the result of "getting off center" in our behavior or how we process experiences emotionally and spiritually, resulting in accumulation of "that wh...

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