Cait Donovan

Cait Donovan

Acupuncturist and Burnout Coach

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I'm an acupuncturist and burnout coach who focuses on high achievers both in NYC and online

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About Me

Acupuncturist, burnout expert, author, and podcast host who loves mismatched mugs and dog walks at your service.|

All of my work boils down to my desire to help #endburnoutculture. After experiencing 2 bouts of burn out in my own life, while doing a job I loved, I knew it was time to dig deeper under the surface and figure out WTF was going on. (You should know that I consider swearing a love language ;)).

After more than 2 years of research and healing, both on my own and with help ,I found my way through burn out and created such a sense of power in myself, that I created a new word: Bo...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

I never imagined being anything other than an MD - until I started pre-med at Boston University. I've always know that I'd be involved in medicine in some way, so I don't remember it being an inspiration more than it was a deep knowing.

I had the great fortune of having access to Daoist scholar, Livia Kohn, during my undergraduate program and she introduced me to Chinese Medicine and I never looked back.

The combination of macro and microcosms, the balance of the 5 elements, the interconnection of everything in your life from relationship to diet to physical health made SO MUCH sense to m...

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How my clients describe their first visit?

My clients often thank me post first visit for actually truly listening to them and providing the lines that connect the dots. By helping your symptoms make more sense in the context of your life, you are both validated and empowered to take action. I love a first visit :)

What I say to someone who has never tried Acupuncture?

... don't worry, it's not my first time ;) Just to get a laugh out of you and smooth the energy in the room. I like you to know that acupuncture is not mumbo jumbo - during MRI's and CT scans, they can watch your brain, muscles, and organs respond to needling. There are physical changes that happen and they are so cool.

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