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Carrie Doubts

Transformational Coach

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Helping You Rebuild Your Life After Transitions like Divorce, Bereavement, Retirement, Job Loss

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About Me

Research shows that the average amount of time it takes for a person to "recover" from a significant loss is 5-8 years. That's too long to suffer. Whether we willingly embrace it or not, change is part of life. Utilizing a potential-based coaching approach, I work with clients experiencing big life transitions (relationships, career, health) to assist them in navigating through the pain and uncertainty so that they can discover new purpose and meaning in life.

I help you create the life you want to live on the other side of your grief.

I created my Rebuilding Your Life After Loss Program...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

My journey to do this work began when my husband of thirteen years and I suddenly divorced. I found it difficult to “just move on” and “get over it”. I was in excruciating pain and I knew it wasn’t going to go away overnight. However, I also knew that I needed to learn from this experience so I could avoid repeating my mistakes in the future. I felt compelled to create something meaningful and beautiful out of this pain, so I immersed myself in self-development and personal growth and got my Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology as the first step on my journey to becoming a wellness profes...

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How my clients describe their first visit?

Clients feel heard, seen, understood and leave their first visit feeling hopeful about their future and confident in their capabilities to make it come about.

"Carrie is a deeply grounded master-level listener. She has a way of listening then diagraming or drawing the essence of each of our sessions. I have a visual plan to return to in the course of tracking improvements and making changes."

"She helped me lift out of the crippling negative inner dialogue that I would sometimes get into and learn to accept and love myself no matter what."

What I say to someone who has never tried coaching?

A lot of people struggle with the idea of investing in a coach. They say, I don’t have time or money for this. And this is the second biggest mistake I see people making all the time. The truth is, you’re going to spend money on your situation, no matter what.

You’re going to spend time on this that you’d rather not have to. All that is going to happen. You don’t realize the amount of money and time you’ll be wasting without working with a coach. If you have a coach to help you navigate through this, and stay on course through the whole process, you’re going to save thousands of dollars an...

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