Casie Pelnar

Casie Pelnar

CranioSacral Therapist, REIKI Master, Equine and Canine Bodyworker

I am an Advanced CranioSacral Therapist / REIKI Master, specializing in a whole-body approach to localized symptoms.

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About Me

I am an analytical thinker and problem solver by nature – working for more than 24 years in engineering. More recently, I’ve discovered my true purpose is helping people address their wellness challenges through natural, healing, alternative medicine. I have studied alternative medicine for more than 17 years, and I continue to grow in my practice as a CranioSacral Therapist and Equine/Canine Bodyworker.
I have worked with massage therapists, dentists, chiropractors, naturopaths and veterinarians and have enjoyed a collaborative approach to my clients’ health and well-being.
Each client ses...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

In my early 20's, I started struggling with migraines and as the years continued, they got worse and more frequent. The only answers given were by a Neurologist to figure out my triggers and the best time for me to take a migraine reducing drug.
At this time, I also had a young horse who was dealing with some growth compensation issues. An Equine Chiropractor encouraged me to pursue a Certification in Equine Massage Therapy. Which helped to release muscles and tendons to prevent injuries.
A short time later, a friend encouraged me to try CranioSacral Therapy to reduce migraines. Which...

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How my clients describe their first visit?

It is a relaxing and calming session. Afterwards, my body and head feels lighter with less tension in places I did not know had tension.

What I say to someone who has never tried CranioSacral Therapy?

This is a light-touch modality which focus' on the tissue holding our body together, both inside and out. That focus is directed to releasing restrictions on the spinal system and allow the fluid within to flow effectively and efficiently.
By releasing the spinal system, we also release the tissues which also cause tension on the nervous system. Releases are also found to the respiratory system, reproductive system, vascular system along with the rest of the bodies systems.
Learn more about CranioSacral Therapy and other bodywork options available by visiting my website at: www.cleansi...

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Location & Appointment Details


  • Initial Appointment: $105-$135

  • Appointment: $75-$135

  • By appointment only

  • Sees children & teenagers

Payment Methods

  • Cash

  • Credit Card

  • Check

  • Heath Savings Account (HSA)