Chess Edwards

Chess Edwards

Spiritual Counselor & Meditation Teacher

Awaken the powerful truth of who you really are. Build the foundations of Peaceful & Powerful Living. Celebrate the adventure of you!

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About Me

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Chess Edwards is a Sedona based spiritual counselor, sacred wisdom teacher & meditation coach within whom the liberating consciousness of divine love has awakened and continues to reveal itself daily.

Chess’ purpose and devotion is to help guide you in the awakening of your own most potent authenticity so that you may engage with every aspect of your life from a more clear, steady, powerful and loving presence of BEing.

What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

I spent most of my 20's and 30's guiding adventure travel journeys to some of the world's most beautiful and inspiring destinations.

These were life altering journeys that shepherded people across new frontiers of experience, traveling from the familiar to the new, from the known to the unknown, from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

In these more recent and perhaps more mature decades of life, I've been devoted to another kind of adventure and to the exploration of a different kind of territory; the adventure of mindfulness & awakening and the exploration of the beautiful territory with...

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How my clients describe their first visit?

"Wow! How is it that I've gotten more value, clarity, peace and freedom from this one session with you than I have from 20 years of therapy?"

"This is not only massively mind blowing and heart opening work, this past few hours has completely transformed my world."

"You've given me tools and perspectives that will help me access what I've been looking for my entire life."

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