Christine Shand, B.S., M.Ed.

Christine Shand, B.S., M.Ed.

Health & Wellness Coach & Certified NES Health Bioenergetics Practitioner

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I am an Empath who enjoys helping people to create better, healthier versions of themselves - physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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About Me

I took a giant leap forward in my Spiritual Journey in 2017 when I started my own health & wellness coaching business. InUgo Health & Wellness Coaching was created with the belief that one must look within to find the answers one seeks. “Seek and you shall find.” During my awakening I developed a deep desire to explore alternative and holistic health methods and I am grateful for my decision to follow my heart after I was introduced to doTerra essential oils, and quantum energy healing with NES Health bioenergetics. Before using essential oils and utilizing NES Health energy therapies I wa...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

When a loved one of mine was dealing with very serious and life-threatening health issues we went the Western medicine route because that's all we knew to do. Multiple surgeries and tons of pills later the traumatic experience opened my eyes and I felt there had to be something better out there, and well, the rest is history. We have a holistic approach to our health, which includes Western medicine to a limited degree. We also incorporate a whole lot of alternative and natural healing methods. The combined approach feels better to us and gives us much more control and autonomy over our he...

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How my clients describe their first visit?

Clients are amazed at the accuracy of their bio-energy scan and appreciate the time that is spent going over their scan results. It's more like we're a team working together to get to the root of a problem instead of a doctor just writing a prescription to try and cover up symptoms. Clients tell me that I am easy to talk to and that I listen well and often intuit emotional struggles even when the words aren't spoken. They sense that I really care about them, and I always want them to leave feeling better than they felt prior to their appointment.

What I say to someone who has never tried

bioenergetics is worth trying! "If you have ANY kind of pain or discomfort....YOU SO NEED THIS!!! So contact Christine Shand at inUgoWellness. Why walk around in pain when YOU DON'T HAVE TO?!!!..." Danielle C ( age 46 )
"I believe 100% that by having the bioenergy treatments and taking the drops my ribs healed much faster than they would have had I not done these things..." Loretta L ( age 70 )
"I have tried other things which haven't worked so I would definitely recommend this treatment for anyone with aches or pains especially if you don't know what is causing the pain." (Julie S. ( age...

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