Colleen Patrice, M.A. Spiritual Psychology

Colleen Patrice, M.A. Spiritual Psychology

Certified Akashic Records Reader, Spiritual Counselor, Health & Wellness Consultant

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My life’s work is committed to nurturing Love, Optimal Health, and Authentic Happiness within myself and others.

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About Me

My name is Colleen Patrice. My life—both personally and professionally—has always revolved around the Healing Arts, and I've always had a knack for inspiring people to make healthier, happier choices in service to living more Fulfilled and Joyful Lives.

My life’s work is committed to nurturing Love, optimal health, and authentic happiness within myself and others. For many years I’ve worked as a hands-on Healing Arts Practitioner, a Health & Wellness Consultant, a Wild Dolphin Swim Facilitator, an EMDR Therapy Advocate, an Author, and Spiritual Guide & Counselor.

I feel most at home in ...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

I've been drawn to the Healing Arts pretty much as long as I can remember! My first spontaneous encounter with wild dolphins-- swimming just beyond the waves in Cardiff, CA-- was an incredibly magical day that spurred profound effects on my gifts and abilities in the healing realm, as well as my lifelong connection with dolphins and whales. Something happened that day that opened every aspect of my being to expanded possibilities. That was over three decades ago!

How my clients describe their first visit?

Clients usually report feeling incredibly loved, heard, understood, accepted, supported and empowered... and leave the session feeling relaxed, inspired, uplifted, and ready to take on the next chapter with courage and clarity.

What I say to someone who has never tried an Akashic Records Reading?

This is an incredible modality that has the ability to bring amazing clarity to any area of life, while providing feet on the ground guidance upon which you can immediately act. Akashic Readings also offer the potential to transform really sticky lifelong patterns in a single session.

I always refer potential clients to my website to learn about the Akashic Records to see if it resonates with him/her before booking a reading with me. Readings are most successful when a person is both called to this modality, as well as willing to share openly, deeply, and authentically. Like anything, the ...

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