Dafna Ohana

Dafna Ohana

RCCH, Past-Life Regression specialist, Reiki Master

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Life is a Magical Collaboration with the Divine. My Prayer is to Restore the Heart of Humanity, so that we Live in Reverence to All Life

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About Me

Dafna holds a grand vision for Humankind and serves as a catalyst for Remembering our inherent Perfection and Heart. With pure love for Humanity and from a space of Surrender, she provides a Portal to Bridging our Human experience with eternal Source wisdom.

Dafna is an Energy Intuitive, Metaphysical Hypnotherapist and open Channel for Cellular Integration and DNA Encodement. Her channel assists in Opening the Auric field and Integrating the Subtle layers with the physical structure.

Dafna is a Mystic and an Intuitive Alchemist, connected to a wide range of Collectives and serves as a C...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

Our life experiences are echoes of our inner world.
Early in my life, and later in my professional life, I experienced events that demonstrated our propensity to handle issues on symptomatic level, when I could clearly see that there is greater depth and layers within our hearts that yearn to be known by us and brought back to Wholeness. At the Core of any issue - dis-ease, dis-comfort, negative patterns, suffering, fears; there is an underlying Root Cause, that once unraveled and healed, bears a profound transformation in a persons life.
In 2006, whilst working in a non-for-profit organi...

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How my clients describe their first visit?

Profound, Amazing! They are grateful. Often time, I get an email several days later, that describes major shifts. Many report awakened dream space.

What I say to someone who has never tried Hypnotherapy, Past-Life-Regression, Life-0Between-Lives, QHHT, Energy Healing?

The many layers that Motivate our Choices and Direction in life are present deep within our being. We can Tune into our Inner world, as it provides a goldmine of insightful Revelations. It can Illuminate our Journey here, the way in which we Shape our Life, consciously or unconsciously, and provides a way to Align our Self with our deepest Values and highest Integrity.
It's a Profound process that provides Access to deepest layers of our wisdom, as well as the connection we inherently carry with Source, thus providing Divine Remembrance.

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  • Appointment: $180

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