Alicia C. Omana, PhD. MPH. Traditional Naturopath

Alicia C. Omana, PhD. MPH. Traditional Naturopath

Women's & Family Wellness to Improve Health.

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Women's Wellness & Family to Improve Health/ Energy by enhancing peak performance, harmony and balance.

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About Me

I was trained as a clinician in Mexico with an excellent training. I did as much as I could to treat everyone with care, compassion and dignity. I dedicated my time to resolve their concerns and helping to alleviate their conditions. Please Visit

Throughout many years of service, I observed that side effects from drugs were damaging their health.

I became frustrated with conventional methods, it was a never-ending cycle. I decided to further my education with a Master's in Public Health and worked for the US Government in the field of epidemiology for 15 years, think...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

The ability to help people and see over 90% results in each of my clients inspires me to continuing working together to create a practical yet powerful wellness transformation program to get you holistically balanced and optimize your body’s ability to heal itself. I can help you eliminate imbalances and stressors that are preventing you from achieving a vibrant health, so that you can experience the energy, vitality and joy in your life.

How my clients describe their first visit?

Discovered new insight to physical and soul problems. Looking forward to future appointments.
Client: P. M.
Appointment Time: Mar 13 at 2:30 PM

"Very friendly and knowledgeable! It was a real pleasure meeting Ms. Omana. She is very knowledgeable in her craft and super friendly!"
Highly recommend she was very friendly, listens to you and explains in a easy to understand way.
Some emotions were released right away. And I can feel the difference already.
Always a professional and caring environment!
July 18th 2016
Alicia Oma...

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What I say to someone who has never tried Come and Meet Dr. Alicia Omana, PhD, MPH, Traditional Naturopath.?

Specializing in Women's Wellness and Family to Improve Health & Energy (including men & kids) by enhancing peak performance, harmony, balance, and well-being. My practice is based on scientific research and applied modalities including neuro-physiology, wellness assessments, bio-energy interventions, and individual nutritional consultation and health promotion education. I can help you to improve imbalances, infirmities, resilience, wellness, mood, weight, stressors, and annoying or mysterious symptoms— no matter where in the world you are located via virtul wellness Sessions.

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  • Sees children & teenagers

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