DeAnn M. Fitzgerald, OD

DeAnn M. Fitzgerald, OD

Doctor of Optometry--Neuro Optometrist

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About Me

I have been providing eye care to eastern Iowa since graduating from Pacific University School of Optometry in 1984. I run a busy primary care clinic where I diagnose and treat ocular disease and evaluate patients with brain injuries. In 2007, I opened a multi-disciplinary clinic, Cedar Rapids Vision in Motion, which provides low vision services, along with concussion (diagnosis, management and treatment), traumatic brain injury, stroke and neurodegenerative disease (dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease) rehabilitation. By using total brain and body techniques with an emphasis on ...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

I have a special interest in sports vision performance and concussion. I attended Luther College in Decorah, Iowa where I played softball and basketball. At Pacific University, I went to the NCAA softball nationals two years in a row. I taught pitching and batting clinics and was umpire in chief of softball tournaments for high school students. I also played semi-professional softball in the 1980’s.

What I say to someone who has never tried Brain training through the eyes?

Brain training through the eyes--everything we do is controlled by the brain. 100% of our brain is dedicated to vision in some fashion. 80% of all sensory goes through the eyes. If you need glasses or you have glasses and they are not 100% what you need--guess what? It affects the efficiency of the functioning of the brain. Walking, talking, thinking are all affected by your eyes and how they interpret information. The brain does not do what's right--it does what's easy!! When your brain works right you work right and you have a successful life when your brain does not work right yo...

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