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Free 15 minutes 📞 consultation.

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I use Geotran and Human Design to release whatever blocks your ability to create your happy, healthy, inspired life.

About Me

Seeing and shifting energy is my passion, and I love helping people change their lives for the better, quickly and efficiently. As well as practicing Geotran and Human Design, I'm a trained coach, professional writer, knitter, and chocolatier; I love international travel, conversation, films, s...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

I grew up in a family of computer programmers, and although I trained as an architect, I was already working with the energy fields when I met Dorothy Espiau (the creator of Geotran) and realized we can go in and change the programs in ourselves. -- what a concept! I've always loved helping pe...

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How my clients describe their first visit?

"We meet by Zoom to get comfortable together while Dr. Kyre explains about Geotran and Human Design. She 'listens in the field' for what is ready to be cleared, and we jump right in. By the end of the session, I feel lighter, happier, and more clear about my next step."

What I say to someone who has never tried

You already have the perfect design for you. In Human Design we call this circuitry; in Geotran, we refer to your blueprint of creation. When people come to me with a problem, 80% of the time the issue will be contamination or conditioning from someone else. When we release those blockages, t...

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21 years in Practice

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