Elizabeth Sherman

Elizabeth Sherman

Life & Weight Loss Coach for Women in Mid-Life (Certified Life Coach, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, & Health Coach)

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I am deeply passionate about helping Women in Mid-Life, who are Done with Dieting, to Balance their Hormones, and Lose Weight Forever.

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About Me

I’m the host of the Done with Dieting Podcast. I help my clients to create habits to lose weight, improve their relationships with themselves and others, and overcome obstacles or barriers that are keeping them stuck from having the life that that they deeply desire.

Here’s How I Can Help You:
- Establish habits that will help you accomplish your goals.
- Manage your stress, which will improve your problem solving and ability to think clearer
- Improve your sleep so that you can make better decisions and be productive all day long
- Find the right diet for you so that you can feel ene...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

In 2001, my mom passed away from breast cancer. I had recently started exercising and had lost some weight, but seeing her battle the disease inspired me to research ‘How NOT to get Breast Cancer’. At the time, I had NO IDEA that being overweight was a huge risk factor in not only contracting cancer, but led to so many other lifestyle related diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and more.

I would love to say that once I had that information that I quickly made the shift, however it took me years longer - trying diet fads, investing in expensive supplements, and diet foods - before I fina...

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How my clients describe their first visit?

Here’s how my client, Carla described our initial sessions: “I can’t say how thrilled I am that I found Elizabeth while searching for a life coach. After 40+ years of yo-yo dieting, I realized I needed help with the process... not more rules to follow. Within the first few moments of speaking with her I knew she really understood the true life struggles as well as the path to realize my goals. This is an investment in the long term quality of my life and I’m excited to see the rewards of receiving and following wise guidance. I highly recommend Elizabeth!”

What I say to someone who has never tried coaching with me?

I specialize in working with women in mid-life because our hormones have such a huge impact on how we gain & lose weight.

Now - I don’t work like typical weight loss coaches in that I have a highly specialized skill set consisting of certifications in nutrition, women’s hormones, personal training, health coaching and life coaching. What this means for you is that not only can I help you with WHAT to do, but I can also help you understand and overcome both the physiological reasons behind things like cravings, overeating, over-desire, insomnia, and hot flashes or night sweats, but also th...

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