Eva Vennari

Eva Vennari

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It's not all in your head. Chronic Illness is very often invisible to the eye or on blood tests. This is the only thing that worked for me.

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About Me

At 22, I was diagnosed with Autoimmune Disorder and Infertility. No one could tell me why.

Doctors said my only hope was an experimental fertility drug that might cause ovarian cancer, and to see a psychologist for my pending depression.

Success was eventual, but the journey could have been so much easier if I had known then what I know now about the connection between Chronic Fatigue, Infertility, and the ever-ignored Immune System.

After a miscarriage, I was told I had hypothyroidism, and I was assured THAT was the cause of my infertility. But I was also chronically fatigued, eventuall...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

I never forgot being blessed with insomnia at 3 o'clock in the morning, typed in that iconic 30-symptom search string, when I stumbled across a terribly long blog entry about mineral balancing.

"If you give your body what it needs, it will heal itself," It made sense to me.

It was through the tireless efforts of the men and women before me who took the time to figure this all out and created the science and then the content for me to find. I stand on their shoulders.

Not only had I found a practitioner who helped me learn how to engage with the body, but I also found the certification p...

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How my clients describe their first visit?

All recommendations start with a hair mineral test. The first time someone sees the report, they get a little scared. It's a bit overwhelming, but that's my job to break it all down. I'll share my screen with you and go over your test results making sense of symptoms. This can take an hour or more to review recommendations and come up with strategies for success.

Most feel the anxiety diminish and I often hear things like, "Wow, I've always known something was going on, but no one could ever show me." and "This is above angel status, the way you walked through all this with me."

It reall...

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What I say to someone who has never tried Mineral Balancing?

It's a new approach. You can put down the stress caused by overthinking everything. The hunt and kill method of symptom removal doesn't do enough!

If you truly believe your body will heal if you give it what it needs, then you understand there's a built-in system that just needs to be engaged. THAT'S what we're doing here. We're working with your body's design, so there's no forcing, pushing, or covering-up with medications. This is a very feminine approach of allowing. It's easy to do.

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