Harry Olson

Harry Olson

Primal Blueprint Certified Health Coach

I lost 70 lbs and got off my Type II Diabetes and High Blood Pressure meds by eating a low carb high fat diet. I can help you do that too!

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About Me

I was a restaurant chef for 25 years and gained a lot of weight while doing that. I turned Primal in the 23rd year and started eating a low carb high fat diet. I lost 70 lbs and got off all my meds! The weight loss was mostly done by eating the right foods. Once I lost some weight, I was able to start exercising again. Today I swim, walk, bike and feel great!

I made my website free! Check HarrysPrimalFood.com out for 21 Day Meal Plans that will help you lose weight! Plus, there's recipes, videos and tons of free information. If you find it useful, please feel free to leave me a donation! I...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

During my weight loss journey I was able to help hundreds of people through online challenges that incorporated eating the right foods and light exercising during a 21 day time frame. I enjoyed it so much I started my training to become a Primal Blueprint Certified Health Coach. 80% of your body composition success is directly related to the foods you eat. The other 20% is related to exercise and sleep. No amount of exercise can fix a bad diet! Just by eating the right foods, you can lose weight. Add a little exercise and good sleep and you'll become a fat burning beast in no time!

How my clients describe their first visit?

Most of my training is done online, however, if you need one on one help, I am available!

What I say to someone who has never tried low carb high fat eating?

Sounds like the opposite of what we've been taught all our lives, but it works!

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  • Initial Appointment: $50

  • Appointment: $200

  • Virtual visit available

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