Heidi Johnson

Heidi Johnson

Fitness Instructor

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I am a fitness instructor whose mission is helping people achieve their unique health goals through challenging and fun workout programs.

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About Me

I began teaching group exercise classes 25 years ago. Shortly after, I added the personal training of clients. Though these years I have taught multiple formats including low-impact aerobics, ballet barre and strength training. My current focus is utilizing the following modalities to best serve each client: Corrective Exercise, Yoga, The GYROTONIC Method, and Strength Training. I currently teach one or two clients at a time in a private studio setting. Earlier in my career, I taught at several gyms, college campuses, and outpatient medical/rehabilitation clinics.

What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

During my primary school days P.E. was discouraging and often humiliating for me; I was often picked last for teams. I lacked the hand eye coordination, size, power, speed, guts, and strength to thrive at team sports. In spite of my team sport incompetence I found bliss in other kinds of movement. I am a skilled swimmer thanks to many lessons and much time spent at pools and on lakes. I became immersed in ballet & jazz lessons: dance was and is where my talents and passion lay. I discontinued dancing part of the way through college, as I was focusing on earning my degree in other subjects....

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How my clients describe their first visit?

Heidi took the time to learn more about me, even though we had spoken for at least 15 minutes on the phone when I first scheduled my appointment. She asked me a series of health and medical questions that directly pertained to my ability perform exercises. She inquired about both old and recent injuries, surgeries, and chronic conditions. Heidi & I also discussed my reasons for wanting to begin an exercise program. She seemed interested in my overall motivation level and past experience with exercise. I was also able to get to know Heidi better as she answered my questions. She spent the...

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What I say to someone who has never tried the GYROTONIC Method?

Through the GYROTONOC® method you practice fluid non-impact exercises which allow your muscles and joints to move through their entire range of motion. Your newly acquired strength and flexibility supports optimal joint alignment. Your abdominal and back muscles are constantly challenged as you initiate and guide movements from your core. You sit and stand taller, feel better and are less prone to conditions such as arthritis and tendonitis. Tension in your neck and upper shoulders melts away and does not return. Exceptional equipment is calibrated to provide your unique body with just the ...

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  • Appointment: $65 - 70

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