Marie Miller

Marie Miller

ThetaHealing Master Instructor and Rune reader

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I am a psychic medium, rune reader - and teacher! I help people upgrade and undertand their pyschic abilities.

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About Me

I first discovered ThetaHealing as a way to heal my daily migraines. It worked wonders! 
After getting certified as a practitioner I discovered that  really helped put a framework around and amplified my natural abilities! I had been down a few healing paths before, but this is the one that really makes my heart sing. My Pre-Theta abilities - runes, psychic readings, tarot, mediumship, ghostbusting, and just "knowing" a person's history by looking at them - all wer leveled up by the training, and I no longer felt that the gifts here an intrusion in my life- they are not a comfortable part o...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

As a teenager - I really wanted to be a viriologist. But - I am allregic to so many things, including a few anitbiotics. So I set out to find other ways to heal.

How my clients describe their first visit?

Deeper understanding of how I got here.
Really relaxed and focused!
Able to take the next step.
Some can feel lots of energy moving in the body!
Newfound happyness

What I say to someone who has never tried ThetaHealing?

If you really sink into the session and open yourself up - it can change your life. The belief work can change more than just the area of are discussing!

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