Jaime Sabbatini

Jaime Sabbatini

Life Coach

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Jaime is here to help people who are frustrated with where they've landed in life and want to make a change.

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About Me

With her contagious optimism and personal approach of love and kindness, Jaime welcomes and accepts all her clients into a safe space to explore, uncover, discover and create what’s possible in their life and gain clarity of what's getting in the way of it all. By using the Core Energy Process, Energy Leadership and Thought Mapping, she creates clarity and awareness of the root cause of "why" and works together to create just-right actions plans to help her clients move forward with confidence that include triggers and barriers to success and accountability structures that strengthen comm...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

After years of personal development work myself and determination, relentlessness and resiliency to realize my own life goals, I decided it was time to launch a coaching and seminar company to help others who are where I was so they can move forward with self-confidence, greater awareness, clear values and goals, effective communication skills, boundaries, and focused accountability.

How my clients describe their first visit?

For many of my clients, their first visit with me is like none other. It is rare for them to be in conversation with someone who shares objective and undivided attention to really listen and hear what you are saying and not saying AND actually hold them accountable to what they say they're going to do. My clients walk away from their very first visit with more clarity of their current situation, empowered to take control of what is in their control ... THEMSELVES and action steps to get started!

What I say to someone who has never tried

Time is a limited resource. Life is a gift to be experienced. What's holding you back from living it HOW you want most? Is it money, relationships, health, or fear? What about past experiences, worldly expectations, family, religion, or perfectionism? Whatever it may be, with self-confidence, greater awareness, clear values and goals, effective communication skills, boundaries, and focused accountability, ANYTHING is possible when YOU choose it. You are greater than you know and with a skilled coach to help you along the way you can work through challenges and barriers to realize your go...

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