Jeffrey Lang, MA, LPCC

Jeffrey Lang, MA, LPCC


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About Me

I am a practicing Psychotherapist in the Boulder and Denver areas working with teen and adult clients looking to make changes in their lives. I approach each client looking for what coping skills and habitual behaviors have developed in response to past traumas. I work with the client to find the language and imagery that allows us to work with the present moment experience of these behaviors to make changes. I use somatic awareness as a starting point for recognizing what is happening in the client’s direct experience. From here, we can start to recognize old stories that are no longer hel...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

As a recovering addict in my late 30’s, I was looking for a career change that reflected my new values, and I began to recognize that a big part of what kept me from getting help sooner was the lack of therapists who seemed like they accepted me for who I am. I am a heavily tattooed, bearded man who occasionally uses colorful language, and all of the therapists that I met seemed stuck on the differences that they saw between us. I recognized a need for more therapists who can show through their actions that they have a genuine open acceptance of the human being sitting across from them. Thi...

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How my clients describe their first visit?

I have been told by numerous clients that sitting with me for the first time brings out a surprising level of comfort in showing the parts of themselves that they usually feel the need to keep hidden.

What I say to someone who has never tried

Sometimes we don’t realize how difficult we are making things for ourselves. Sitting down with a compassionate, accepting therapist can offer the opportunity to show our wounds, hopes, and fears, with the possibility of not only acceptance, but also healing as a result of finally being listened to.

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