Jennelle Thimmesch

Jennelle Thimmesch

Zero Balancer & Therapeutic Bodyworker

Together let's discover how I can help you create empowered, life-affirming change.

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About Me

I’m Jennelle and I’m pleased to provide supportive care and therapies across the lifespan. I’m a family practice bodyworker, and my approach is both skillful and intuitive. Specializing in Zero Balancing and Therapeutic Bodywork, I’m passionate about helping individuals, families, and friends find freedom in their bodies and a deeper connection within themselves, resulting in amplified vitality and joy in their daily lives.

How my clients describe their first visit?

“Her touch carries a level of support both systemic and structural I’ve not experienced elsewhere. I find her work to be deep, refined, and respectful.”

“My sessions with Jennelle were deeply moving, restorative, and healing. Although I made the initial appointment due to acute back pain, she moved beyond the physical and seems to have refined my mind/body ‘wiring’ and opened up space for true essence to radiate. The chronic pain has faded and I can return to the mindful ‘place’ of the work and continue it myself.”

Thanks very much for ...

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What I say to someone who has never tried Zero Balancing?

Zero Balancing uses skilled, conscious touch at the level of bone that engages the body’s self referencing and self healing systems. It quickly helps a person drop into a deeply relaxed state where tension and pain patterns can easily release. Chronic, subconscious tension ties up energy that could be used for health, wellness, and creative problem solving. People who receive Zero Balancing say they feel as though they have come home to who they really are, and they enjoy a profound sense of wellbeing.

Additionally, I practice the Zero Balancing forms of Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral ...

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  • Initial Appointment: $$100

  • Appointment: $$85

  • By appointment only

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