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Karina Klepach

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Infinite Life Mastery brings HOPE to moms because it opens the doors of new possibilities in situations where all hope has been lost.

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About Me

It seems that I've been training for 2020 for the past eleven years. Feeling trapped, being in out of control circumstances, domestic violence, divorce, bankruptcy, you name it -I've been through it before. While it is not the same as pandemic, but the stressors and feeling out of control in every aspect of my life is a familiar situation that I hear my current clients are experiencing during this pandemic.

What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

Our children deserve the best version of us. We can't provide that as moms when we're in emotional pain, regardless of the reasons. Seeing my daughter in emotional pain which was just a direct reflection of my own challenges pushed me to seek solutions beyond therapy. I saw that with each new discovery and self-awareness my life had a 180 degree turn-around. More astounding was the indirect effects I saw in people whose lives my daughter had touched by developing emotional intelligence and skills I would have not otherwise be able to teach her. When we change our lives for better as mother...

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How my clients describe their first visit?

Moms finally feel seen and heard! Their frustrations are validated and they begin to see what is truly possible for them and HOW they can get there. They finally feel like they can look forward to that light at the end of the dark tunnel of their life. There is no problem that we can't turn into tangible solution in a cost-effective, transformational, and sustainable way for you and your entire family.

What I say to someone who has never tried coaching?

Not every coach is created equal, and choosing the right expert to the particular challenge you're trying to solve is essential. Coaching is really a misnomer and should really be called Guidance because noone has authority or knowledge of what is best for our lives except for ourselves. When the right Guide asks you the right questions and provides you with the information on possibilities, you gain the power and the tools to be able to rise above any challenge.

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