Dr. Katie Ray, DC

Dr. Katie Ray, DC

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Network Spinal is a holistic chiropractic care that promotes change from the inside out so you can feel your best and enjoy your life.

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About Me

Great day to you! My name is Dr. Katie Ray, and I want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about my office and Network SpinalTM (sometimes also known as Network Spinal Analysis, Network Care, or Network Chiropractic-- which I know can be super confusing!). In this day and age, the decision of where and how to spend our time and dollars on our healthcare is an extremely important one, and I am so glad that you are considering us.

If you’re anything like I was, a combination of curiosity, desperation, and luck may be leading you to learn more about Network SpinalTM and New Day. ...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

Growing up and as a young adult, I didn’t know much about chiropractic. What I thought I knew about it is what most people think they know– that it had something to do with getting rid of back or neck pain. That’s exactly what I seemed to need; even in high school, the stress in my life had me feeling lots of pain and tension in my neck and back. So for years, I was seeing a chiropractor, while I was in college, to help me manage this pain and tension. I would go in, he would adjust what felt like every bone in my body, and I would leave feeling better. A day or two later, I’d be right back...

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How my clients describe their first visit?

I may be somewhat unusual, in that I was able to sense a MASSIVE change in my nervous system functioning after the very first visit. But that's not true for everyone! The bottom line is that this care, just like anything else for your health or wellbeing, works best as a process (not a one-time magic wand). Tony Robbins himself, who has since become a huge enthusiast for Network Spinal care experienced his own first adjustment as somewhat so-so (see his youtube video where he describes this).

At your first visit in our office, myself or Dr. Virginia will sit down with you, one on one, a...

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What I say to someone who has never tried network spinal or chiropractic generally?

You most likely have NO IDEA how much this is going to help you and I am SO EXCITED for you to find out! Also-- there are SO MANY different types of chiropractic and chiropractors out there. And so even if you haven't found the right one so far (and the right one might be us, or might not be!) keep looking :)

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