Dr. Ken Lee Pennock

Dr. Ken Lee Pennock

Minister, Religious Therapeutics

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I coach and train individuals and groups on proven experiential technologies that empower them to apply the optimum solution for success. ​

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About Me

After over 40 years of personal research into the human experience,​ I have technologies that help you discover your path in life and help you remove the blocks keeping you from success so you can live your life on purpose, ​not by accident.

Many people go through life going through the motions. Similar to how you drive to work every day taking the same route. Sometimes you get to home or work and wonder, "How did I get here?" The same could happen at the end of your life. Well, I work with people who don't want to end up not knowing how they got there. I work with people who are up to so...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

I believe I have always been on this path. Growing up I was always the person people came to for help. As I traveled through life I continued growing in knowledge and experience​ to become a better healer.

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  • Initial Appointment: $35.00

  • Appointment: $35.00

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  • Sees children & teenagers

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