Keslie Mack

Keslie Mack

Intuitive Healer & Guide, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master

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I'm an Intuitive Healer/Guide, Hypnotherapist, & Reiki Master who specializes in healing Complex-PTSD, Anxiety, Depression & Chronic Pain.

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About Me

In 2010, I had been married for 9 years and had 3 small daughters (2, 3 and 5). We were moving to gorgeous Monterey Bay, back to our home state. Things seemed great from the outside, but really I was in horrible emotional, physical, and spiritual pain. After being denied the cocktail of pain pills, muscle relaxers, and anti-anxiety meds upon moving to California, I began the desperate search for some emotional relief. I had become abusive to my family, they deserved better, even if I was destined to a life of chronic pain.

Well, here I am in 2020, the chronic pain from the waist down? G...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

Even though as a child I knew I was here to help people, I had no idea THIS is what I would end up doing. As I mentioned above, it was my own journey to healing that lead me to help people in this way. As I found modalities that were most helpful to me (Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Essential Oils, Chakra work, Inner-child work, complex trauma and toxic stress recovery, etc.) I dove in headfirst and learned as much as I could.

While initially, I did this for my own healing, I quickly realized I was meant to help others as well. I realized that my journey was unique and my experiences and expertis...

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How my clients describe their first visit?

Most clients are pretty blown away by how much better they feel in just one visit. Whether it’s a simple ala-carte session like a “Life Purpose Session”, a “Spiritual Healing Session”, or “Past Life Regression” or someone signs on for complete healing of Complex PTSD, Childhood Toxic Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Anger, etc. There is always great healing in every session. Here is what just a few clients have said after just one session.

“WOW, this new age hippie sh*t really works!”
“Sessions with Keslie are like nothing I have ever experienced before. Simply Amazing!”
“It’s was like she di...

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What I say to someone who has never tried Hypnotherapy or Energy Healing?

I describe my sessions as “choose-your-own-adventure real-time guided meditation.” You are aware, alert, and fully participating in every moment of the experience. We will journey into your subconscious mind via extreme relaxation to get to the root of ANY issue, physical, emotional, or spiritual issue or dilemma you are facing. We will be releasing emotions and energy that is no longer serving you. Healing your past and the real root causes for total, long-lasting, healing!

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  • Initial Appointment: $$100

  • Appointment: $$100

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  • Virtual visit available

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