Larry Porter

Larry Porter

Intuitive Psychic Distance Healer

Providing extraordinary psychic distance healing for clients with severe and chronic illness, for over 35 years

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About Me

My parents were unique ..
they were retired when I was born, living on a 200-acre farm in east Texas. My mother was in her forties when she gave birth, and that, for 1952, was a big event.

Like many intuitive individuals, I endured a traumatic and abusive childhood. My mother lived in a state of mental illness. It is easy to see this now, with the benefit of reflection and education, but at the time my mother’s psychosis led to what I now call very challenging times that I experienced as a child. When my father came home, he did not know what had occurred. Or perhaps he did, and was in de...

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How my clients describe their first visit?

In 2013 I had an experience where suddenly I developed sudden hearing loss in my left ear with significant Tinnitus. For years I tried many different mainstream medical and holistic therapies with the hope of regaining my healing and/or relief from my Tinnitus symptoms. However, nothing I tried really had any effect. I accidently found Mr. Porter via the internet in January of 2021 and immediately stated working with him. Amazingly, within a few sessions the loudness/intensity of my tinnitus in my left ear dropped significantly. In addition to this remarkable result, I feel that to dat...

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