Lauren Lau ♥ The Meowist

Lauren Lau ♥ The Meowist

uncommon Chinese medicine - acupuncture, chi nei tsang massage, NLP

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Everyone holds stress in their nervous system. When it's discharged, notes of health and safety ripple across all levels of body, psyche.

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About Me

I'm Lauren Lau ♥ The Meowist. I work with people's nervous systems. My sessions, The Meowist Thing, are a skillful blend of daoist bodywork & energy work, acupuncture, and coaching. I return the feeling of deep rest to your body and mind. I help you release stored, unprocessed trauma from your nervous system.

We work together to enrich your sense of happiness and human dignity in every aspect of your being, so that you can wholly fulfill your potential... and be happy!!!

I also LOVE placentas. Ask me about placentas (and I'll keep talking for a while). My services include holistic p...

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  • Initial Appointment: $200

  • Appointment: $200

  • Accepting new clients

  • By appointment only

  • Home visit available

  • Virtual visit available

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