Lily Bhattacharya PsyD

Lily Bhattacharya PsyD

Spiritual Life coach

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You have symptoms, issues, problems, and I show you how they have a psychological component and how u can heal.

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About Me

I saw and heard spirits as a child. Later as I got to be in my 20"s I realized I could communicate with the other side and needed to help those wanting answers and closure. I have always had strong intuition even a child. I was a licensed psychologist from 2000-2017. I then became a spiritual life coach and kept many of my clients, incorporating a holistic view of your health to help you heal. Symptoms can come from current issues, past trauma, past life dynamics and I am excellent at discerning how and what is going on. Call me.

What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

I was inspired by my mothers psychiatric private practice to help people and use psychology as I was not so good at math and science. I love what I do. It shows. Check my reviews on,,,

How my clients describe their first visit?

Clients come with issues which we prioritize and approach from a all encompassing perspective so you feel no part of you is being ignored, spiritually, materially, physically, mentally, holistically.

What I say to someone who has never tried A session with me. Easy Try one brief consult with me ?

I will give you it to you for free. So you know humankind and doctors, healers care period. The consult is limited to 20 min. I suggest you write me a email explaining your issue, conditions, problems, complaints, goals, fears, and expectations. We go from there.

Location & Appointment Details


  • Initial Appointment: $$144

  • Appointment: $$200for 45 min, $244 for 60 min

  • Accepting new clients

  • By appointment only

  • Virtual visit available

  • Sees children & teenagers

Payment Methods

  • Cash

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  • Paypal

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