Linden Crawford

Linden Crawford

Akashic Healer

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I connect you to the wisdom and spirit of the Akasha which can guide and provide insight for your life!

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About Me

I have 30+ years experience in helping my clients create and reach their goals. I am able hear what is not being said and bring it into the present moment. Accessing the Akashic Records is a way of accessing "what is" for all of us: past, present and future. It is a practice of entering a meditative zone to see, hear and feel what is there for us. Through this journey with me, your intuition is given a microphone and magnification powers. The ability to access the wisdom of our Higher Self and that of our Ancestors becomes real and can be used to lead and guide us in our daily lives!

What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

I was introduced to the Akashic Records in my own journey at a point when I felt hopelessly stuck in my current circumstances. I was so lost and frustrated I could see no resolution. I was referred to an Akashic Healer. During the experience, I was gifted with an entirely new way of looking at my life. This experience opened me up to a path of healing and transformation. This new potential opened a clear purpose for me.

How my clients describe their first visit?

"I feel calm and heard. Being with you helps me see who I am and what I want.. You help me understand what is happening and the choices I have to deal with it."

What I say to someone who has never tried Akashic Records?

Understanding your obstacles and intuition can be revealed through Akashic consultations with me. These sessions help bring "Magical Messages" from the universe to open you to new experiences. Accessing the Akashic Records allows seeing the spirits of your Guides and Ancestors and leads you to insight and understanding of your life. Having trouble making decisions? Finding the right path? Getting unstuck in your way of seeing the world? Want to unearth any obstacles holding you back from what you want?

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  • Initial Appointment: $$150

  • Appointment: $$150

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