Lorraine Meyer

Lorraine Meyer

Founder, Healing Arts Pathways: Akashic Records,Reiki, Breathwork and Sound Healing

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I am a Transformer of Energy. I hold sacred space for those seeking clarity and ease on all levels: physical, emotional & spiritual.

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About Me

A dozen years ago my life changed dramatically. I had just attended a Reiki class, mainly because I was curious to learn more about this Japanese healing modality.

Little did I know I had discovered a life calling that would open my heart and introduce me to a level of compassion I had never realized was waiting to be discovered!

A short time later my husband was diagnosed with a 4cm brain tumor. My Reiki practice sustained us both through the difficult year that followed. I found comfort in my self practice as well as a way to contribute directly to his healing process, as I practiced ...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

My inspiration came out of blue! I was waiting for my husband to have a brain scan a few days after two major brain operations. I was sitting in the waiting room of the Roswell Park Cancer Center in Buffalo, NY and I noticed a woman, barely able to sit up in her wheel chair.

When one of her family members headed to the water fountain, I followed. I introduced myself and said my husband was a patient here as well and I wondered if they would mind if I came and sat with them.

A few minutes later, I was astounded to hear myself sharing that I practice a form of healing, very similar to the...

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How my clients describe their first visit?

It is somewhat rare for me to receive a client who has never had some kind of CAM (Complementary Alternatve Medicine; keep in mind that the definition of “Medicine” is the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of disease or dis-ease.)
However, with that said, I do get referrals, especially for Akashic Records Consultations, who have had energy-work treatments, but are experiencing a first time psychic or channeling connection.
These clients usually begin by saying they don’t really know what to ask, but once they engage and find validation in the connection, they are awed at the love and comp...

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What I say to someone who has never tried An Akashic Records Consultation?

If you have ever heard of the amazing “Sleeping Prophet,” Edgar Casey, you will know that the Association for Research and Enlightenment is the living testimony to his work within the Akashic Records.

An Akashic Records Consultation is an opportunity to “converse” with your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. These are Energetic beings who serve to assist us in understanding our challenges and choices, our life purpose and relationships.

A consultant is able, with your permission, to tap into the history of all of your lifetimes. This “journal,” which has been etched within you with eac...

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