Marsha Greene

Marsha Greene

Emotion Code/Body Code Practitioner

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I assist people and animals in eliminating the chaos - mental, emotional, physical - in their lives using Body Code and the Healy.

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About Me

From the time I was a young girl massaging my mom's back, my friends backs, calming frightened dogs and horses, I knew that I "sensed" things but I didn't know what. I set all that aside to go to college, raise a child, get married, and make a huge move from Alaska to Montana. In Montana I was introduced to many modalities and to my artistic side. I had my first horse within 2 years of our move and that experience led me into energy modalities for his health and mine. I could feel his pain and fear but I needed to learn how to access it. So I took training in massage, Kineosology, Heal...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

I have been that loyal friend, the over achieving mother, the
"dutiful" wife, the person who is confided to. All to the exclusion of my own personal growth. When due to stress my health failed, I had to learn to take care of myself. So I spent many hours studying, researching how to lift that fog from my life. I knew I was in a total spiral of darkness and I couldn't even get myself out of bed. I became certified in 2013 and then went onto Body Code, certified in 2016. All this emotion, pain, trauma, fear, struggles I sensed in others, I could now help them release.

How my clients describe their first visit?

Most feel so much lighter and they are amazed how that feels along with a tiredness of carrying that emotional weight for years.

What I say to someone who has never tried Emotion Code and Body Code?

Have you or someone you know had chronic pain, insomnia, traumas, digestive issues for years that they have tried doctors, medication, surgery, counseling to release without success. Does your pet have behaviors that cause chaos in your household. Are you extremely pleased with your relationships or income? Would you like to know about a simple process that is efficient, fast. and effective where I help you identify what is causing these issues and I'm able to release it.

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