Everything is Energy ~ Your thoughts, emotions, body, breath.

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About Me

I connect with the energy of your body and ask what it needs. We get the to root cause of pain, illness, emotional upset and more.
By working with your energy, I am able to help you rebalance and release what isn't serving you.
I am certified in a number of methods for healing. Your body knows what it needs and my work with you follows the direction of your body and its energy.
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Namaste ~

What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

As I learned more about the body's energy system and the power of emotions, I wanted to know how to help release that energy that was causing pain and disease. Over years of study and research, I have developed methods for various imbalances that have very quick results.

How my clients describe their first visit?

My clients tell me they feel lighter, more free, less anxious. They sleep better after the first session. Each session brings more awareness and control of their own energy.

What I say to someone who has never tried energy healing?

You are a vibrational being. We all get knocked off balance by other vibrations in our world. EMF's, microwaves, contaminated food/water/air, the news, other people...
I help you identify what does not serve you, release it and rebalance your energy so you feel stronger, more fit and full of joy.

Location & Appointment Details


  • Appointment: $100.00

  • By appointment only

  • Virtual visit available

  • Sees children & teenagers

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