Patricia Daiker, RN, NC-BC

Patricia Daiker, RN, NC-BC

RN, Board Certified Nurse Coach specializing in diabetes burnout.

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Coping and life skills build resiliency which is THE most important trait for dealing with your diabetes. I can help!

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About Me

I have been an RN since 1985 with experience in critical care nursing as well as executive healthcare leadership. As a Type 1 Diabetic, my clinical education didn't help me deal with all the challenges diabetes presented. I became frustrated and resentful. My path to wholeness and happiness was tending to my emotional and spiritual needs, which created a way to face my diabetes. From my personal and career experience, I have created a program that covers basic diabetes education as well as guidance to explore and understand new strategies for coping, communication, ownership and motivat...

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What I say to someone who has never tried Diabetes Nurse Coaching?

If you are struggling with diabetes, its not likely from lack of knowledge, but from lack of skills to help you navigate the ups and downs of diabetes. We are know what to do, but have a hard time actually doing it. The secret is already inside you. We just need to uncover it!

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