Phoebe MacRae

Phoebe MacRae

NeuroMovement® Professional | Speaker | Action Coach

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About Me

I'm Phoebe and I am a NeuroMovement® Practitioner.

I design simple, gentle programs for people who are suffering from pain or discomfort. I help you find natural and lasting solutions to what is holding you back in your ability to live a life of ease and flexibility.

I specialize in helping people who have "tried everything" and who have not experienced positive results.

I see your potential and I help you to live into it!

I help both Adults and Children.

Results from our work together can include

*relief from Chronic Pain,
*finding balance,
*recovery from injury or surgery,

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

I have always been fascinated by witnessing the difference between someone who finds ease and freedom and those that suffer through their lives. I wanted to know how I could help those who suffer. People in pain, people with brain injury, people whose bodies were not doing what their brains wanted them to do. I

How my clients describe their first visit?

Many of my clients remark on how connected they feel with their body. Their skeleton starts to be their support system instead of their muscles "holding" them together. With this new reality comes an ease of movement, a feeling of empowerment, a lightness of step and a glowing in their face and demeanor.

What I say to someone who has never tried NeuroMovement?

Having curiosity about what you are about to experience is a great place to start! Being open to the unique way that I work will allow the lesson to be very potent. I want you to feel totally safe so if you have questions or feel at all uncomfortable I address those concerns immediately.

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  • Appointment: $$100

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