Rahim Patel

Rahim Patel

Meditation Coach & Reiki Master

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Rahim is a Reiki Master and meditation coach. He helps people own their hero's & healer's journeys, unlocking a space of knowing serenity.

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About Me

In 2016, I acquired a skin infection that covered over 25% of my body. This began impairing my internal organs and caused the mitochondria in my cells to malfunction. Without the ability to force my body forward, I found myself enjoying an extended stay in bed.

Charting the labyrinth of fatigue and pain, I discovered that meditation was a tool for using my connection to the universe as an alternative for my weakened battery system. After a two year period of falling, I found a tiny hold on my body's function & expanded that to a capacity that I never had before I started this journey.


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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

I believe we can either be lost in the forest of our discomforts or on a path of practices that allows us to enjoy the wonders of the same grounds.

I find that as I meet myself in the safe space of meditation that I am able to be in front of myself in Life.

I am committed that this exploration process be built with an open heart and on a foundation of nonviolence.

How my clients describe their first visit?

As finding a friend

What I say to someone who has never tried meditation?

Meditation is a unity. A bringing together of your awareness & your body that offers an expansion of your natural light, and a grounding in your capacity.

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