Rose Woodruff, Cht, CINHC, CLC, CIHt, CPTF

Rose Woodruff, Cht, CINHC, CLC, CIHt, CPTF

Consulting Hypnotist & Certified Health Coach

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Every day we successfully change our mind in regard to situations that affect our quality of life and such, and yet, too many times.

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I guess I could say that I've been on a quest . . . a quest to understand others and the world around me! My exploration first lead me to look at nature while I was a child growing up in a rural community. There, I looked at what we could eat and what we shouldn't eat as I was surrounded by beautiful greens, fruits and nuts! This exploration then lead me to look closer at food as I grew up and has become a life long adventure looking at why some foods benefit and others don't . . . especially for different people! Wrapped within all of this has been my curiosity about our human nature and w...

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