SadaNam Singh

SadaNam Singh

Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Studio Owner

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My purpose and mission in life is to support, teach, and aid in the healing of all beings, animals, plants, and people like you!

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About Me

I became a devoted yogi in 2007 when I started taking yoga courses at the Ohio State University. I attended 4 years of level 1, level 2, and 600 level courses covering many branches of yoga and including asanas, pranayama, meditation, history, anatomy, and ayurvedic medicinal practices. Since 2012, I've taught yoga and well-being workshops at festivals and conventions around Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Georgia. I primarily teach Kundalini Yoga in the tradition of Yogi Bhajan with the goal of uplifting, energizing, and healing people through the realization of our true potential.
I'm a 220-...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

If you've ever been to a real yoga class (not just a workout at the gym), but the kind of class where you really feel supported by a teacher who offers wisdom, compassion, true teachings, and a vibrant experience, you understand why I wanted to follow in those footsteps. The blissful times I've spent in meditation, yoga classes, and spiritual ceremonies have helped me so much, I know the best thing I can do with my life is to guide others to that place and even teach them to teach others!

How my clients describe their first visit?

People have come up to me after class and told me that they feel more grounded than ever, they had a powerful experience, they feel light and their stress is gone. They often comment that it was just what they needed.

But, I follow the "teach a man to fish" vs. "give him a fish" principle that I give techniques and lifestyle routines to transform your life into greater well-being everyday, not just for one day.

What I say to someone who has never tried

Many people are intimidated by yoga or kundalini yoga because they think they need to be flexible or they're afraid to try something new, but what I teach is accessible to anyone. I don't teach headstands or dangerous things that are only for extreme yogis. We always give modifications so everyone can do their version of the practice. That's why it's called a "yoga practice" not a "yoga perfect". It's not about perfectionism because you're already perfect, we're just dusting off the layers of doubts, fears, stress, and blocks that conceal your true, beautiful, blissful nature.

Location & Appointment Details


  • Initial Appointment: $First class free, Privates: $60-$100 per hour (Sliding scale, pay-what-you-can)

  • Appointment: $First class free, privates: $60-$100 per hour (Sliding scale, pay-what-you-can)

  • Accepting new clients

  • Home visit available

  • Virtual visit available

  • Sees children & teenagers

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