Samantha Hua

Samantha Hua

Holistic Health Coach

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I help people lose weight and thrive in life through delicious nutrition, changing mindset, and getting to the root cause.

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About Me

Having struggled through strong emotions, I understand how this prevents us from living out our best version. Since 2009, I have set out to help people live to their fullest through nutrition, mindset, and addressing the root cause of why people gain weight. With a science background, a certificate in holistic coaching, and decades of experience helping people achieve their goals, I want to challenge you to end dieting and enjoy food while losing weight.

What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

As a field biologist, I was content traveling the world studying wildlife but each time I came home to visit, various family members fell pray to diseases (diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, etc.). At the time, nutrition was just a hobby I enjoyed learning. But now, I find myself passionate about spreading the gospel of eating well, understand our body, and steering clear of shame and judgment. I love watching people come in to lose weight and come out transformed in all aspects of their life.

How my clients describe their first visit?

After the first meeting, they share that they learned a lot about nutrition, grateful for a mind-body approach without shame or judgment, and love receiving all the resources.

What I say to someone who has never tried

It's time to try something that will last a lifetime. No more dieting. If you love what you eat and how you move your body, you will stick with it. Learn how to change your palate, change your mindset, and change your habit then being healthy will just be easy.

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