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Sara James

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Sara James has a certificate from The Pacific Institute for The Alexander Technique and has recently learned Primal Online Technique

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About Me

I'm originally from Iowa, I graduated from Iowa with a theater degree, but needed to work on my posture, and confidence. It was in a movement class that I was introduced to The Alexander Technique, it opened me up to a whole new way of learning. A way of learning that made me understand what and where my intelligence was strong, it was not mental intelligence, it was more about intuition and the ability to change my body to express what I was trying to get across. California is a place where creativity can flow and and anything can happen. I've learned all sorts of things since then, I've...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

I came out of College where I studied theater with really bad posture, I couldn't run without cracking my ankles, and really was very stiff. I thought that strength and grace were something other people had and It wasn't for me. I've since gotten over that and now I am in great shape for my age, and have lots of energy. I think that their are ways that the human body have to heal that are big secrets that need to be revealed.

How my clients describe their first visit?

Jennifer says I'm really good and that she has had some really big ah haas about her body since she has worked with me. I think that sometimes people are kind of board when they come visit me for the first time, or they should be. The Alexander Technique

What I say to someone who has never tried Alexander Technique?

The Truth is we are doing fitness all wrong, we are putting too much effort into too many places and we are not understanding why we are upright and how it relates to rest. With this you get to learn the power of ease and how to use your body in the way it was meant evolutionarily.

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