Tara Chatterton

Tara Chatterton

Transformational Mentor, Intuitive Healer and Writer

Hello and welcome to the most important time in your life, where you get to reflect on who you've become, so you can remember who you are.

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About Me

I am a bit of a consciousness junkie. I know the law of attraction like the back of my hand, while other subjects I learned in school I couldn't remember to save key life. My whole life has been somewhat of a conscious journey, for I have always thought differently than others and this didn't win me any popularity contests, but it guided me to follow my heart. I have always seen the bigger picture of what is really going on in a situation, and didn't realize until I was older that this was my guidance communicating with me and helping me to read between the lines. I have developed my own he...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

I have been drawn to being a healing my whole life, and feel this is more of a calling than a job. My life experience has given me a deep understanding of others and what is needed for healing and I know it would be a disservice to others not to share this profound work with them, as we are all here to make the journey of healing and I feel at peace knowing that I have contributed to that process for others in a significant way.

How my clients describe their first visit?

My clients mostly report a shift in their consciousness, where emotions they were plagued by disappear, and they feel lighter, like a weight has been lifted. They also find they are more at ease with others in their life, and have more clarity to observe situations and communicate their feelings more readily. That are also more able to maintain a calmness with difficult situations, and feel empowered to make long awaited changes they often feared to make for years. These results can and do happen even after a first visit, but doing a series of sessions is ideal to really come at someone's i...

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What I say to someone who has never tried

I would like to say that, I realize there are so many methods for healing out there, but each person is called to the one that rings true for them. Finding the right practitioner is more about finding someone that you resonate with, so that you can confident with them to be able to help you, and really what this means is that you must be ready and willing to receive the help you need. I have had a wide array of life experiences that have afforded me to be able to empathize with and understand just about any situation, without judgement. This is your journey, there is nothing to judge, only ...

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