Tara Chatterton

Tara Chatterton

Transformational Coach, Intuitive Healer and Author

We are all on an emotional journey back to self

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About Me

I help women who attract dysfunctional relationships, resolve their emotional wounds, and release the burden of shame that has kept them playing small, so they can realize their worth, define their boundaries, and start having the loving relationships they've been desiring.

What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

I have been drawn to healing work my whole life, and feel this is more of a calling than a job. My life experience has given me a deep understanding of others and what is needed for healing and I know it would be a disservice to others not to share this profound work with them, as we are all here to make the journey of healing and I feel at peace knowing that I have contributed to that process for others in a significant way.

How my clients describe their first visit?

Many of my clients report a shift in their consciousness, where emotions they were plagued by disappear, and they feel lighter, like a weight has been lifted. They also find they are at ease with others in their life, with more clarity to observe situations and speak their feelings more readily, maintain a calmness with difficult situations, and feel more empowered to make long awaited changes they often feared and worried over for years. These results can and do happen even after a first visit, but results vary for every individual.

What I say to someone who has never tried

I would like to ask those who have never worked with me, how long are you going to suffer before choosing to do what it takes to make yourself the priority, and find the help and support that will carry you through it? I would like to say that I am that help and support that you've been waiting for and there's no one stopping you but you, so when you're ready, please let me know.

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