Thursall Cellé, NTP, CGP

Thursall Cellé, NTP, CGP

Wellness Coach

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The Feed Your Fertile Body! ® program is a 6 week class to help you support the nutritional needs of your body during pre-conception.

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Through a series of life events I came to fully understand the effect food has on our lives. I’m a live to eat type of girl, planning social events around food, planning my next meal even if it’s 10 am on a Tuesday. This was a difficult road to realize how food was hurting my body without obvious symptoms. It took the natural conception of my two children to finally prove it to me. I was unwell. Looking back now I can see the puffiness and acne in pictures. It was a struggle to go to work every day. I’ve been there. Changing my focus to what I can eat and what is nutritious has helped me t...

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