Tina BQ Tran

Tina BQ Tran

Energy Psychology Practitioner

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I help people deal with stress, anxiety, worries, pains, trauma, smoking, insomnia, & food cravings for weight loss purposes. I love my work

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About Me

I’m Tina BQ Tran, the only Vietnamese descendant certified Energy Psychology Practitioner and one of the few Vietnamese Emotional Freedom Techniques & Matrix Re-Imprinting Practitioner in the world. I’m fluent in Vietnamese, French, and English. I specialize in helping overworked, overwhelmed and stressed corporate employees and students because they struggle with balancing their career/studies and personal life. After working with me, my clients feel more focused, more insightful of their situation, happier and lighter, as if an invisible 100 tons weight has been lifted off their shoulders...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

Once upon a time, I was an overworked and overwhelmed corporate professional. I know what it feels like working 50 to 70 hours per week, not having time for self-care, not having time for family, scheduling my day from one minute to the next, to living life at 110 mph, to being constantly on the run, to taking 2 to 4 pain killer pills before going to work, and taking another 2 or 4 upon arriving home because of the chronic pain in the body, to feeling stressed all the time and yet denying the suffering. The struggles I faced have made me realized there are other people who are suffering jus...

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How my clients describe their first visit?

I work with my clients to discover and clear the hidden limiting beliefs and traumatic events that hold them back and down, preventing them from feeling happy. Once we clear the blocks, they feel empowered to take inspired actions that lead them to achieve their optimal health, career and wealth goals while feeling joyful and supported.

I work along my clients’ side, supporting and holding space for them so they don’t feel isolated and unheard and unsupported. In addition to loving to help people healing from worries, overwhelm, fears, phobia, and pains; I also love helping students deal w...

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What I say to someone who has never tried Energy Psychology, Emotional Freedom Techniques or Matrix Re-Imprinting?

They've got nothing to lose. The worse scenario is they end up exactly where they started but at least, they have the satisfaction to say that they give it a try and it didn't work.

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